Design email with AI

Meet AI in email creation.

You can use the artificial intelligence assistant in many areas of the Kuika Low-code platform. One of the areas where you can use the AI assistant is the design of e-mails to be sent to the end users of the application you have developed.

In Email Builder view, You can use AI assistant to create content in elements such as

  1. Heading,

  2. Text,

  3. Image,

  4. Button

1.Smart Heading

Drag and drop the Heading element into the Row on the Email Builder editor. Then make the added heading element selected. Click the Get Suggestions button on the screen that opens.

In the screen that opens, you must enter a few words in the textbox and click the Get Suggestions button so that the Artificial intelligence assistant can help you with suggestions.

View suggestions for the title based on the words entered.

The language of the text can be adjusted via the Tone selectbox according to the target audience that will be sent by e-mail.

2. Smart Text

Drag and drop the Text element onto the Email Builder editor. Click on Smart text on Text.

From the Modal that opens, you can correct spelling and grammar, expand the text, and improve the quality of the text by reformatting the text.

3. Magic Image

Artificial intelligence (AI) assistant produces original images. Drag and drop the Image element onto the email body. In the Modal that opens when the element is clicked, enter a few descriptive words about the image to be created and click the Generate Image button.

The artificial intelligence (AI) assistant will offer image suggestions. Drag the cursor to the image you want to add and add it to your e-mail design with the Use Image button.


With the artificial intelligence assistant, you can get suggestions to the text on the button. Add the button element to the email design by drag-and-drop.

Click the Get Suggestions button by typing a few words into the textbox that opens by clicking the Get Suggestions button while the button element is selected so that our artificial intelligence assistant can help you with suggestions.

The artificial intelligence assistant offers text suggestions. You can select and use these suggestions or edit the spellings via the selectbox.

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