Configure settings to upload apps to Google Play Store

You can publish a mobile application that you developed in Kuika on the Google Play Store. In order to publish the application you have developed on the Play Store, you must make the necessary adjustments for the Android operating system through the Kuika Config Manager view mode and provide the connection.

  • Open the Android screen in the configuration by creating a new configuration or opening one of the existing configurations in Config Manager view mode to establish the connection.

  • You must enter the name of the application that you want the application you developed to be displayed on the device in the text input opposite the App Name heading under the Mobile App Settings section.

  • The Bundle ID title on the screen is a unique keyword that distinguishes your app from other apps. It is recommended to use the Bundle ID structure as com.workspacename.applicationname. At this point, you must create a Bundle ID and enter it in the relevant field.

  • The version header is the version information of the application. The version information should be entered as 1.0.0.

  • In this section, you should finally enter the App Version code of the application in the field opposite Version code.

  • Then you have to link the app with the Play Store.

  • Click the drop-down menu opposite Configuration under the Play Store Settings section to provide the Play Store connection.

  • Click on the ADD NEW option in the menu that opens to open the modal screen where information is entered for the connection.

  • In the modal screen that opens, first, enter the Play Store Connect API configuration setting name of the application.

  • Then choose the publishing type that suits your needs from the APK, APPETIZE, and AAB types located opposite the Publish Type heading.

  • To output APK, select APK from the drop-down menu next to Publish Type.

  • In order to print the APK, you need to provide an additional information entry on this screen. If you have chosen Appetize as the application publishing type, you must provide information entry for Appetize.

Appetize API Token information is required when Appetize is selected as the publishing type.

If you prefer to use Appetize, log in to your Appetize account and get the Appetize API Token information and fill in the relevant field on the Google Play connect API setting modal screen in Kuika.

You can follow the instruction provided by Appetize to open an Appetize account and access API Key information.

If you have chosen AAB as the application publishing type, you will need to provide some information required for AAB.

Android App Bundle (AAB) is an Android publishing format supported by Google Play and other app stores, as well as build tools such as Android Studio, Bazel, Buck, Cocos Creator, Gradle, Unity, and Unreal.

App bundles are for publishing purposes only and cannot be installed on Android devices. Android package (APK) is the installable, executable form of Android for apps. App bundles must be converted to APKs by a distributor before they can be installed on devices.

With the AAB publication type selection, you must first add the .jks file created for the key store against the Signing Store File header.

  • After uploading the .jks file, you are expected to enter the Signing Store Password information in the next step.

  • Then on the modal screen, next to the Signing Key Alias heading, you have to enter the key alias that identifies your key.

  • As the last step on this screen, complete the information entry for AAB by entering the password you have defined for your key next to the Signing Key Password heading.

  • After providing the information entry for the publication type you have chosen, click the CREATE button to complete the process.

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