v3.4.13 Release Note (21st June 2024)

New Features

UI Design

  • When an element of the Container type on the screen is selected, the elements in the element panel can be added to the Container with a single click.

  • Selection of the column to be searched has been added to the filtering properties of the Table element.

  • In the filtering process of the Table element, the ability to select date/time and date range for columns containing date information has been added.

  • Column width selection was provided by adding the tableWidthMode property to the Table element.

  • By adding the hideOnMobileResolution property to the Table element, Table Header can be hidden on mobile.

  • Size Changer can be defined as a custom by adding the sizeChangerOptions property to the Pagination element.

  • By adding Count, Min, and Max functions in SelectAction, the end user's action creation process has been made efficient.

  • MasterPage is now available in Android apps.

System Actions

  • Export Excel action is supported in mobile applications.

  • In mobile applications, the Set Value Of action is supported inthe Carousel element.

Process Automation

  • Added search box to drop-down menus in Select App and Output Mapping.

  • Process Automation element has been added to the interface elements to show the progress and flow status of Process Automation Instances by coloring them in BPMN 2.0 notation.

Email Builder

  • Multi-language support has been added to Templates created in Email Builder.

Report Designer

  • Fixed data is displayed in table columns without dynamic data binding.

Preview, Publish, and Code Generation

  • With the Backup and Publish Switch added to the Publish menu, applications can be backed up.

Platform and Platform Interface

  • UI improvements have been made in the User Workspace.


UI Design

  • When hovering over a column in the Table element, the entire content is displayed with the Tooltip.

  • Improved user experience by making folders appear closed on screens and actions.

  • Form Wizard was opened when dragging Process Automation Business Object from Action Tree.

  • Improved the interface of the Action Tree panel.

  • Header design prepared as Master Screen has been improved.

  • TransformedOnMobileResolution property has been added to make the Table element responsive on mobile.

  • In Android applications, it has been enabled to display the confirmation message when a message is deleted in the Chat element.

  • Point Label improvements have been made in the Mixed Chart element in Android apps.

  • In Android applications, it was ensured that the Header of the Table element remains constant during the scroll.

  • Chat element in iOS apps has been improved in terms of interface and user experience.

System Actions

  • In web applications with Recurring action, it was ensured that the Spinner is hidden at the time of Recurring.


  • Interface improvement was made for Managed DB in the Datasource module.

Platform and Platform Interface

  • The icons in the platform interface have been updated and improved.

  • The warning text on the new app creation screen has been improved in terms of user experience by turning it into an informative text.

  • UI improvements have been made in the User Workspace.


UI Design

  • The Label in the Default Column of the Table element was prevented from being dragged out.

  • Fixed a scrolling issue in scenarios with too many elements on the screen.

  • Fixed an issue in the Menu element where Sub Menus were automatically closed when they were expanded and the screen changed.

  • The problem encountered in the operation of the StartingIndex property of the Carousel element has been solved.

  • The problem of not returning a value when nested structured data is bound to the Date Time element has been solved.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Tab Item Placeholders from being displayed in the Tab element.

  • The white screen problem encountered when data is linked to a different Table element used in the Table element has been fixed.

  • Fixed the problem with the current parameter of the Carousel element in iOS applications.

  • Fixed the image shifting issue encountered in the scenario where the image width is set to 100% in iOS applications.

  • Fixed the issue where the Header was not displayed in Table Inline Grid in vertical mode in mobile apps.

System Actions

  • Fixed an issue with copy-paste of the Notify action in Android apps.


  • The error encountered when adding a data source with C# and using Save, Update, and Record actions has been solved.

  • The problem encountered in the MSSQL data source creation screen has been solved.

  • The problem encountered when the Response Body is an Empty Array in the RestAPI End Point Run request has been solved.

Process Automation

  • Fixed the 3-hour time difference problem in the Get My Task action.

  • The problem caused by creating different project names in the same version in scenarios with Process Automation where the name of a project is changed has been solved.

  • The stepkey error encountered in the Get My Task Info and Get User Tasks actions has been solved.

  • Problems encountered in the Get My Tasks Info action have been resolved.

Report Designer

  • Fixed an issue with the alignment of the Table element.

Preview, Publish, and Code Generation

  • Fixed an issue when a nested structure is bound to the SelectBox element.

Platform and Platform Interface

  • Fixed an issue where the icon was not highlighted with a token when Global Config was open.

  • Fixed an issue when creating a new project where the project name was less than 4 characters.

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