v3.4.14 Release Note (28th June 2024)

New Features

UI Design

  • Edibility property has been added to the Properties panel, allowing you to manage the edibility of elements.

  • Master Screen for mobile apps is now available.

Preview, Publish, and Code Generation

  • Firebase Crashlytics support in Android applications.

Platform and Platform Interface

  • Interface improvements were made in the User Workspace.


UI Design

  • User experience has been improved with the OnPressEnter action added to the Password element.

  • The modal screen for defining a new role has been improved in terms of visuals and supporting text.

  • The appearance of the Scroll Bar in Canvas and panels has been improved by making it clearer.

  • The properties panel of the Menu element has been improved.

  • The text content on the Forgot Password screen has been improved.

System Actions

  • It has been enabled to define the "Language to Select" parameter of the Set Language action with the drop-down menu.


  • The screens for creating a new table and editing a table have been improved.

  • The error message encountered when creating a new C# method with the name of a custom action in a project has been improved.

API Builder

  • User confirmation has been added in the process of deleting action defined methods.

Configuration Manager

  • In the URL information entered in the Backend URL field, http and https control has been made mandatory and a warning message has been displayed to the user in case of non-use.

Preview, Publish, and Code Generation

  • Improved validation icons in Android apps.

Platform and Platform Interface

  • The use of + icons in modules within the platform has been improved.

  • User approval has been added to the process flow of deleting folders created in custom action panels in the UI Design and Data Sources modules.

  • The new app creation and authorization screens in Workspace have been improved in terms of user experience.


UI Design

  • The Label in the Default Column in the Table element was prevented from being dragged out.

  • The issue that prevented the information of an event in the Calendar element from being used as a parameter has been resolved.

System Actions

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Trigger actions added as Initial Action to a screen from working.

  • The problem encountered after entering the wrong existing password in the PasswordChange action has been solved.

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