Is Online

Meet the Is Online system action.

Is Online is a system action that detects whether the device has an internet connection.

For instance, if you use an Offline Screen in your application, when your device connects to the internet, this action will detect the internet connection and enable the actions that can work in an online state.

It is a system action supported on both Mobile and Web devices.

Click +Add Action under the Properties panel to add the action.(A)

Click OnClick →Device →Is Online and create the Is Online action.(A)

For the actions you create, you can perform various operations via the Context menu (B).

You can easily copy the action using the Copy option, which speeds up repetition of actions in relevant places.

You can add a confirmation message for the action to run using the Add Confirmation option.

By using the Add Condition, you can specify under which conditions the added action should execute.

If needed, you can easily remove the created action using the Remove option.

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