User Management

Manage your users in the Kuika workspace!
You can add different users during the development process of the application. You can add or remove new users at any time, continuously or periodically. According to the subscription plan you use, a separate charge will be made for each newly added user.
Every new user you add has the same privileges as you, except for the subscription process.
This training content consists of the following topics;
  1. 1.
    Adding New User and User Registration Process
  2. 2.
    User Editing
  3. 3.
    User Deletion
Switching to User Screen Via APPs Screen
Settings and User Screens
You can use the Users screen via Settings for user operations. On this screen, you can see the list of added users, add, edit and delete users.

1. Adding New User and User Registration Process

After logging into your account, open the Users screen via Settings on the left.
Users Screen
User Management Screen
With this screen, you can manage the users added to the workspace.
Enter the user e-mail address in the window that opens with the Add New User button in the upper right corner.
Add User Screen
Adding New User
Complete the payment process steps from the ongoing popup to complete the user addition process.
Plan Upgrade Screen to Add Users
Subscription plan update popup

2. User Editing

You can edit users' name and surname information. Open the Settings > Users screen for operations. Open the Edit pop-up screen from the detail menu on the row of the user you want to edit.
User Edit Screen
Complete and save changes to the First Name and User Name of the relevant user.

3. User Deletion

You can delete users you've added to collaborate in the workspace at any time. On the Settings> Users screen, open the Delete popup from the detail menu of the user you want to delete.
User Deletion Screen
User deletion confirmation screen
Complete the process by confirming the pop-up window.
When you delete the user from the workspace, you do not incur any additional charges for the removed user in the new billing period.