Google Play Store Requirements

Before you publish a mobile application that you developed through Kuika on the Google Play Store, you must meet some requirements.
Google Play Store requirements covered in this tutorial:
  1. 1.
    Developer Account
  2. 2.
    App Creation Requirements on Google Play Console
  3. 3.
    Size Limit
  4. 4.
    Signature Configuration
  5. 5.
    App Version Requirements for Play Console
  6. 6.
    Target API Level Requirements
  7. 7.
    Application Details and Preview Items
  8. 8.
    Languages and Translations
  9. 9.
    Categorization and Tags
  10. 10.
    Contact information

1. Developer Account

The first requirement to access the Google Play Console and publish an application is to create a Google Play Developer Account.

2. App Creation Requirements on Google Play Console

After creating the Google Play Developer Account, open the Google Play Console. Select All apps > Create App. On the screen that opens, choose a default language for your application and add the application name. Then you have to specify whether the application you developed is a game or an application. Next, you need to specify whether the application is paid or free. For Google Play Store users to contact you, you need to add an email address. Finally, you must accept the statements and terms in the "Declarations" section.

3. Size Limit

Apps available on the Google Play Store have a size limit on Google Play Store-supported devices based on the maximum compressed size of APK files at the time of download.
The maximum compressed download size of APKs for a device built from app bundles is 150MB. The application package can be larger than 150 MB.

4. Signature Configuration

The Android Operating System requires applications to be digitally signed with a certificate. You can set up the Google Play App Signing feature to specify whether to use an app signing key generated through Google or an app signing key of your choosing when creating the first live version of the app.

5. App Version Requirements for Play Console

Geliştirdiğin her uygulama paketi bir versionCode içermektedir. Uygulaman her güncellendiğinde yeni bir sürüm kodu verilir. Uygulamanı Google Play Console’ a yüklemek için en büyük “versionCode” sayısı 2100000000’ dur. Uygulamanın “versionCode” değer maksimum sayıyı aşarsa yeni uygulama paketi gönderilmesi Google Play Console tarafından engellenir.
Every application package you develop contains a "versionCode". A new version code is given each time your app is updated. The largest "versionCode" number to upload your application to Google Play Console is 2100000000. If the "versionCode" of the application exceeds the maximum number, sending a new application package is blocked by the Google Play Console.

6. Target API Level Requirements

When you upload the application package of an application you have developed to the Google Play Console, the application package must meet the Google Play target API Level Conditions.

7. Application Details and Preview Items

The mobile application you developed;
  • A name with a maximum of 50 characters,
  • Short application description of maximum 80 characters,
  • Full app description with a maximum of 4000 characters
  • 512 Pixel x 512 Pixel application icon in 32 bit PNG format (Max. 1024 kb),
  • 1024 Pixel x 500 Pixel feature graphic in JPEG or 24-bit PNG format,
  • A minimum of two JPEGs or a 24-bit PNG screenshot with a minimum size of 320 pixels and a maximum of 3840 pixels (The maximum size of your screenshot cannot be more than twice the minimum size)

8. Languages and Translations

The default language is English when you upload an application to the Google Play Store, but you can add translations of pages and images available in the Google Play Store.

9. Categorization and Tags

Google Play Store uses categories and tags to enable users to search and discover apps. You can select a category and add tags in the Google Play Console for an application you have developed.

10. Contact information

To publish an application you have developed on the Google Play Store, it is mandatory to add E-Mail information. It is also recommended to add a website in order to provide the best support to the application users.
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