Send Whatsapp Message

The Send Whatsapp Message action is used in the application development process to send messages via WhatsApp. The function of this action is to direct the phone number entered in the application to the Whatsapp Web API.

The Send Whatsapp Message action is only supported in Web applications.

To add the Send Whatsapp Message action, click on +Add Action located under the Properties panel. (A)

Click OnClick → Device → Send Whatsapp Message and create the Send Whatsapp Message action. (A)

The Send Whatsapp Message action comes with the Phone Number and Message parameters.

  • Phone Number: The field where the phone number you want the message directed to is called.

  • Message: The field where the desired message or the element containing the message is called.

Within the created action, the Symbol Picker (B) is used to select the parameter entry method of the action.

For the actions you create, you can perform various operations from the Context menu (C).

With the Copy option, you can easily copy the action. Thus, you save time in places where action repetition is required.

With Add Confirmation, you can add a confirmation message for the action to run,

With Add Condition, you can determine the action you added to work under a certain condition,

With the Remove option, you can easily delete the created action.

Example Use of Send Whatsapp Message:

Drag and drop the Row from the Elements panel onto the screen. Adjust the row column structure to 2 from the Properties panel. Then, add labels to the columns.

Drag and drop the Number Input to the first column and Text Area to the second column from the Elements panel. Number input will allow the phone number to be entered, and Text Area will allow the message to be entered. Also, add the Button element to send and trigger this data obtained from the user.

Click the added button. Click +Add Action in the Properties panel.

Click OnClick → Device → Send Whatsapp Message and create the Send Whatsapp Message action.

Within the created action, click the Symbol Picker to link the Phone Number parameter to the Number Input.

Choose Components→NumberInput1→ value→ To String.

Click the Symbol Picker within the Message parameter. Select Components→ TextArea1→ value.

Then click the Run button.

On the opened screen, write the phone number the message will be sent to and the Message, then click the button.

You will be directed to the WhatsApp screen with the button.

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