The Divide action allows for the division of a number defined as a parameter (Value) by another number also defined as a parameter (Value2). However, division by zero (dividing a number by zero) is undefined in mathematics. The Divide action takes 2 parameters, converts these parameters to the Double data type, divides the value defined in the first parameter by the value defined in the second parameter, and returns a value of the Double data type.

Select the element to add the action to. Click on +Add Action in the Properties panel below. (A)

Click OnClick--> Arithmetic-->Divide and add the Divide action. (A)

The Divide action comes with the parameters value and value2.

  • Value is the value involved in the operation during the execution of the action.

In the added action, Symbol Picker (B) is used to select the parameter input method of the action.

You can perform various operations for the added actions via Context menu (C).

You can easily copy the action with the Copy option. This way, you gain speed where action repetition is required.

You can add a confirmation message for the action to run using the Add Confirmation option.

Also, with the Add Condition feature, you can specify certain conditions under which the added action should execute.

With the Remove option you can easily remove the added action.

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