You can manage user session open times for Web applications you develop in Kuika. You can set the timeout for users' sessions and the countdown to log out.

  • Open the Config Manager view mode to make the necessary settings for managing sessions in web applications.

  • If you have a Web configuration that you have created before, open the configuration by clicking on the relevant configuration in the left panel. If you don't have a configuration you created before, create a new one.

  • On the configuration screen, go to the Web UI tab and turn it on via the Switch.

  • Then go to the SESSIONS section on the Web configuration screen.

  • In the Sessions section, first specify how many minutes a user session will time out, and enter the field opposite the Timeout header in minutes.

  • Then, if you want to show the user that the session will end with a countdown, complete the session management settings by entering the number of seconds before the timeout in the field opposite Logout Countdown.

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