Payment Stripe actions

Learn the Payment Stripe actions.

You can perform a payment function in the application you have developed. Kuika provides Stripe as a payment infrastructure.

Click and select the element you want to add Payment Stripe actions to. Come to the Properties panel and you can add the action you need under the Payment Stripe title from the drop-down list with + Add Actions.

After providing Stripe integration for your application, you can perform payment transactions through Stripe integration.

For example, you can use Stripe actions to get paid in an e-commerce application.

You can sell products and/or services to your customers within the application you have prepared with Stripe integration.

Stripe is a powerful integration with options like adding products, currency, and automatic invoicing.

It is enough to add the Token Key that you will get from the Stripe manager screens to the configuration settings you want to create.

If you want to examine the Stripe actions in detail, you can use the following card structure.

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