Create new config (Basic Process)

To preview and publish an application developed in Kuika, configuration settings are needed.

You can use Kuika Configuration Manager to configure the application settings of the developed application and the environment (Web, iOS, and Android) in which it will be published.

To create a new configuration, open the Config Manager view mode from within the project you are working on at

Click the Create button in the Config Manager view mode.

On the screen that opens, the App Settings configuration settings will welcome you. Complete the naming by naming the configuration setting you are creating via the text input box on the top of the App Settings screen and clicking the Check icon next to the text input box.

In the Config Manager view mode, there are tabs for App Settings and Web UI configurations, if you have created a Web application, depending on the type of application you are creating.

If you have created the application in a mobile-friendly type, the following tabs will welcome you.

The App Settings configuration setting is turned on by default for both types of apps.

However, in order to open the Web UI, iOS, and Android configurations and enter the configuration settings, you must go to the relevant configuration tab in the Config Manager view mode and turn on the switch on the screen in that configuration.

Then, complete the new configuration creation process by entering information about the relevant fields for the configuration settings and clicking the SAVE button in the upper right corner.

The configurations you have created, the Config Manager view mode, the left side panel are also listed. You can edit the configuration settings by clicking on the relevant configuration, and if you want, you can delete the configuration.

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