Delete My Account

Meet the Delete My Account action.

DeleteMyAccount is a system action that allows a user to permanently delete their account on the platform. Such an action allows the user to close their account, retrieve their information and access, and usually results in the complete deletion of their data.

The DeleteMyAccount action provides the deletion of personal data within the scope of the PDPA text (Personal Data Protection Authority.)

It is used when users want to protect their privacy and data security or want to terminate their relationship with a particular platform.

Before executing such a procedure, the user typically has to go through additional steps and verifications to confirm they really want to permanently delete their account. Moreover, one should not forget that when this process is performed, all data, contact information, and contents associated with the account will be lost. Therefore, users might need to backup this data before deleting their accounts.

To create the Delete My Account system action, click on +Add Action located under the Properties panel. (A)

OnClick → Authorization → Click on Delete My Account and create the Delete My Account action. (A)

With the Delete My Account system action, the username owned by the user is also deleted. Therefore, if the user wants to create an account with the same username again, they can.

For the actions you create, you can perform various operations via the Context menu (B).

You can easily copy the action using the Copy option, which speeds up repetition of actions in relevant places.

You can add a confirmation message for the action to run using the Add Confirmation option.

By using the Add Condition, you can specify under which conditions the added action should execute.

If needed, you can easily remove the created action using the Remove option.

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