06. Navigation Actions

Actions are activities where you define what the app should do. Navigation actions are the most commonly used action types.

You can switch between screens in your application with navigation actions and have a screen open as a pop-up, ie modal or Drawer.

Open the action list with the Add Action button from the Properties panel. Let's examine the actions under navigation. There are 3 different actions called GenerateLink, GoBack and Navigation.

Navigation is an action with multiple methods.

Opens the screen selected in the application with the Current Screen.

You can open the new screen in the current tab with the current page and in the new browser tab with the New Tab.

If you want a new Drawer type screen to be opened on the open screen, you can use Drawer. For example, the content entry on the list screen or a hamburger menu content in mobile applications can be of Drawer type. Drawers are visible and similarly hidden by sliding inwards from the right, left, top, or bottom of the open screen.

Modal is the auxiliary window that opens in the middle of the open screen and in the size you specify. You can use the modal for actions like transaction confirmation or content entry.

GoBack is an action you will use to return to the previous screen from the current screen. Thus, you will be back without repeating the operations on the open screen. It is often used to return to the previous screen in n screens such as a modal or drawer. And it's often added to a cross icon on the top edge or a give-up button on the bottom edge.

Generate Link is the action to generate a URL when a button is pressed or any other trigger action.

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