03.Creating App

Logging in to the Kuika platform welcomes you with the Apps screen where the applications are listed. Apps you've worked on recently are listed under Recent.

You can list all created applications, including those created by you under My Apps, those you marked as Favorite under Favorites and applications created by other users in the workspace with All.

You can create two different types of apps in Kuika. With the web application type, you can create responsive web applications that run in browsers.

In mobile compatible project type, the application can also be generated as iOS and Android. It is not possible to switch between application types. It is not possible to switch between application types. There are minor differences between these two different types of applications in terms of a few elements and system actions.

  1. Functions within the application vary with mobile device-based features. Consider mobile-specific features, such as making a phone call, for example.

  1. There are many drag-and-drop elements to assist in the application development process. A small part of them is specific to the platform on which the application is published, namely web or mobile devices. Although an element is expected, some of its parametric properties may vary. For example, a list screen is displayed with pages on the web, while on mobile, it comes with infinite scrolling.

When you create an application of both types, the application opens with the UI Design view.

You can use the Rename Modal screen from the detail menu in the Apps list to update the application name.

You can use the duplicate Modal in the detail menu to duplicate the application you created, and you can use the Delete Modal in the detail menu to delete it.

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