Set Value Of

Meet the Set Focus To system action.

It is the action to change the value of the element specified as a parameter with the Value given as a parameter.

Select the element to add action. Click +Add Action under the Properties panel.(A)

You can add the action by clicking OnClick → UIControl ⟶ SetValueOf.(A)

  • Component to Change: The element whose value is desired to be changed is selected.

  • Value: The new value of the specified element is written.

You can perform various operations on the Context menu (B) for the actions you create.

You can easily copy the action with the Copy option. This way, you gain speed where action repetition is required.

You can add a confirmation message for the action to run using the Add Confirmation option.

Also, with the Add Condition feature, you can specify certain conditions under which the added action should execute.

You can easily delete the action created with the Remove option.

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