Setup Intent

The Setup Intent system action is a Stripe action. It is an action supported in both mobile and web application development processes. In order to use Stripe payment system actions, you must be a member from the Stripe page. Setup Intent system action is an action to save card information in your application. It provides practicality in payment transactions and provides the opportunity to make fast transactions.

Select the element to add action. Click +Add Action under the Properties panel.(A)

You can add the action by clicking OnClick⟶ Payment → Stripe → Setup Intent.(A)

In payment transactions, two payment methods defined in the action are offered. The first is the method of payment by credit card. The second is the process of withdrawing money from the account with IBAN, which is a SEPA-Direct debit used abroad. After this process, payment transactions are provided without the user needing to deal with the approval process again.

You can add this system action inside a button such as Save my card in your application. After adding an action, Stripe's own interface opens automatically, and your card is saved. Since the data of your card is kept on the stripe, the stripe provides card security.

You can perform various operations on the Context menu (B) for the actions you create.

You can easily copy the action with the Copy option. This way, you gain speed where action repetition is required.

You can add a confirmation message for the action to run using the Add Confirmation option.

Also, with the Add Condition feature, you can specify certain conditions under which the added action should execute.

You can easily delete the action created with the Remove option.

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