v3.4.9 Release Note (15th January 2024)

New Features

UI Design

  • Added the Select Action feature that allows you to create complex Select queries quickly and without coding, using tables in your data source.


  • Added the AI Action feature in the Datasources view mode, which enables you to define your own AI actions.

  • Basic Auth support has been added for data source connections with Rest API.


  • Transitioned to Open AI-GPT 4 for artificial intelligence areas within the platform.


UI Design

  • Added a feature in Chart elements to the Properties panel that allows control over the display of data labels.

  • Added a feature in the Donut Chart element to the Properties panel that allows adding multiple graphic labels in the center.

  • Improved the icon size in the Badge element.

  • Made an improvement in the LineChart element to allow changing the color of the points.

  • Enabled searching within the relevant Property while linking data to Display elements in the Table element.

  • Improved the usage of the multi-select menu in the SaveRecord action.

  • Increased the number of lines in notifications sent with the SendPushNotification action in Android applications.

  • Ensured that the first value in the SelectBox element in iOS applications comes selected by default.

Process Automation

  • Improved by enabling the filtering of actions listed in the DynamicAssignment Action.


UI Design

  • Fixed an issue encountered when canceling the PhotoFromGallery action.

  • Resolved the issue of the Label element not displaying when the linked data is removed.

  • Fixed the problem of the OpenInBrowser action not working when an empty value is entered.

  • Resolved an issue with the appearance of icons used for Navigate operations in the Table element.

  • Fixed a problem encountered when the Rate element used in the Table element was disabled.

  • Solved the issue of Radius values not appearing in the Panel element.

  • Resolved a naming issue of TabItem's in the SetValue action used in the Tab element.

  • Ensured that each TabItem in the Tab element has a different onChange event.

  • Fixed a height issue in the Signature element.

  • Resolved an error encountered while changing the order of RadioButtons in the RadioGroup element.

  • Fixed an error encountered when creating a new screen from Excel.

  • Addressed the issue of Visibility settings not working in the Row of the Table element.

  • Fixed the problem of the OnStop state of the StopWatch element not returning a value in mobile applications.

  • Solved an alignment issue in the Horizontal Stack element in mobile applications.

  • Ensured that data in the Table element is aligned to the left when the Header is hidden in mobile applications.

  • Fixed the issue of the Radius given to the Header not appearing in mobile applications.

  • Resolved a Row appearance issue in Android applications encountered after navigation in the Maps element and using the GoBack action.

  • Fixed a problem where the color was not added when dynamic color was given to the Panel element in Android applications.

  • Solved the issue of the Empty State image not displaying in the Table element in Android applications.

  • Fixed an error encountered when the Decimal Separator property was empty, and the Decimal Scale property was 0 in Android applications.

  • Resolved a screen slide issue during scrolling of the LocationPicker element in Android applications.

  • Fixed an error in Android applications that prevented language translation of the Placeholder content in the Date element.

  • Resolved an error encountered in listing data added as Initial Action in Android applications.

  • Fixed a problem with the Gap value in the Horizontal Stack element in Android applications.

  • Corrected design shifts in the Footer element in iOS applications.

  • Resolved confusion between City and State in the LocationCoordinatesOfAddress action in iOS applications.

  • Fixed a performance issue in Drawer screens.


  • Resolved the "is saved before" error encountered in Rest Api EndPoint.

  • Fixed the issue of Boolean data types not displaying in the SQL editor Test area.

  • Solved the problem of tables appearing empty when connecting to MSSQL.

Process Automation

  • Fixed a problem encountered when using the Output parameter of ActionResult.

  • Resolved an error encountered when Process Automation was created and later inactive.

  • Fixed an issue that required double-clicking to open the addition area for adding Business Object or Internal in the Process Parameters panel.

API Builder

  • Resolved the issue of not being able to edit Method Inputs.

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