v3.4.5 Release Note (23rd October 2023)

New Features:

UI Design:

  • The Action Drag & Drop feature has been added to the platform, allowing you to create Table (list), Form, and Gallery View screens by dragging and dropping actions from the Action Tree according to their content.

  • A section has been added to the Color Picker to add new colors.

Process Automation:


UI Design:

  • Scrollbars in the platform have been improved to be more prominent.

  • The Action Instance in the Action Drag & Drop modal screen was removed.

  • MicroApp Frontend URL Property has been improved in terms of user experience.

  • A feature was added to the platform that allows the Elements panel to open when the Canvas is clicked while on the Screen panel.

  • The Navigate action, which directs to the Left Menu screen by default on screens created with CRUD, has been added to the Menu icon.

CRUD Screens:

  • Spaces and alignments on CRUD screens have been improved.


  • Rest API connection settings and connection screen have been improved.


UI Design:

  • The error encountered in the Label’s Money Formatter has been resolved.

  • Issues encountered in the Signature element have been resolved.

  • An error affecting the addition of the MicroApp element to a narrow column was fixed.

  • The error that prevented the containsNullItem parameter of the SelectBox element from working has been resolved.

  • The drag-and-drop action was improved while organizing screens in the Screens panel into folders.

  • An error that caused elements working with ChangeVisibilityOf to be hidden by default at Page Init was resolved.

  • The issue where the Width value of the CheckBox element added to the Horizontal Stack came as 100 px by default was fixed.

  • The visual distortion error that occurred when no height value was given in the Image element was resolved.

System Actions:

  • The error preventing the organization of actions added to the IfThenElse action has been resolved.

CRUD Screens:

  • The error that prevented proper functioning of Pagination when the PageSize value changed on the List screen created with CRUD has been corrected.

  • The error of Time appearing in fields with a Date data type on the List screen created with CRUD was resolved.

  • Missing elements and actions to perform the Image upload action on the form screen created with CRUD were added.

Process Automation:

  • The Backend error that could be encountered when creating a new Process Automation has been resolved.

  • The white screen error that could be encountered when adding a new Step was fixed.

  • The problem experienced with administrator approval via email was resolved.

Report Designer:

  • Problems encountered in the hiding process of the Header element in the Report Designer have been solved.

  • The issue of the column header parameter in the Table Header in the Report Designer not working was resolved.

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