Create User With Password

Introducing the Kuika Create User With Password system action.

The Create User With Password action allows users to be created and added to the application with a password set by the admin. The Create User With Password action has parameters such as Username, Password, Firstname, and Lastname.

Select the element to which the action will be added. Click +Add Action under the Properties panel.(A)

Go to OnClick ⟶ Authorization ⟶ Create User With Password and create the Create User With Password action.(A)

  • username: Enter the desired email address for the user to be created.

  • password: Enter the password determined by the admin for the user to be created.

  • firstname: Enter the first name of the user to be created.

  • lastname: Enter the last name of the user to be created.

To fill in the parameters within the created action, click on the Symbol Picker (B)

When a user is created, there is no need for the user to set a password. An email with a verification code is sent to the email address specified as the username. By clicking on the link in the email, a verification screen appears, and the verification code from the email is entered. After clicking the Verify button, direct access to the system is granted. The user can now log in to the system using the password set by the admin.

This system action is used in applications where user registration is performed by the admin.

For the actions you create, you can perform various operations via the Context menu (C).

You can easily copy the action using the Copy option, which speeds up repetition of actions in relevant places.

You can add a confirmation message for the action to run using the Add Confirmation option.

By using the Add Condition, you can specify under which conditions the added action should execute.

If needed, you can easily remove the created action using the Remove option.

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