Produce web and mobile applications

You can quickly publish and preview an application you have developed in Kuika. To publish and preview the application you have developed, you need to make the necessary adjustments via Kuika Configuration Manager.

From the moment you first create the application with the definitions that come by default, you can get a preview whenever you want.

You can configure Web, iOS, Android, and API configuration settings through the Configuration Manager view mode. You can prepare configurations for web applications only and for mobile-compatible applications for both web and Android, and iOS.

You can quickly preview or publish the application you have developed with Kuika. You can perform testing and publishing processes with the Default Preview Configurations settings created by Kuika or with your own Configuration settings if you wish.

To preview and/or publish, you can use the preview settings under Preview Settings in the upper right corner of the Kuika Platform and select the configurations you have created.

Kuika provides convenience to you, the platform users, in the preview and publishing process, as well as many advantages it provides. If you created a mobile-compatible application during the initial creation of the application, the Android preview configuration is selected.

You can access detailed information about the Configuration Manager view mode from our related content.

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