Learn the app development process on Kuika

Kuika is a Low-code platform that allows you to develop web and mobile applications. Instead of traditional coding processes, you can respond to ever-increasing application demands by creating applications with Kuika's innovative graphical user interface.

The workspace you will use in your application development process with Kuika offers view modes and panels suitable for application development steps. These view modes;

  • UI Design: It is the view where you define the user interface design of the application you are creating, data connection, and features such as multiple language options.

  • Datasources: It is the C# editor section where you can create the data source that you will use in the application, connect to them if you have ready data sources (MSSQL, API), or add new features to the Platform.

  • Email Builder: It is the view mode in which you develop e-mails such as order notification, report, or password renewal that you want to send to the application users you have developed.

  • Configuration Manager: It is the view mode where you make the configuration settings to be used when generating the application as web or mobile application packages.

Kuika Low-code application development platform has an all-in-one interface architecture. As we listed above, it is equipped with all the features and functions you will need in the application development process, with the view modes you need for interface design, data sources, and distribution.

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