How can you develop applications quickly with Kuika?

Kuika, Kuika is a Low-code platform that allows you to develop web and mobile applications. Instead of traditional coding processes, you can respond to ever-increasing application demands by creating applications with Kuika's innovative graphical user interface.

The workspace you will use in your application development process with Kuika offers view modes and panels suitable for application development steps.When developing an application, you will need the following view modes.

  • UI Design: It is the view where you define the user interface design of the application you are creating, data connection and features such as multiple language options.

  • Datasources: It is the C# editor section where you can create the data source that you will use in the application, connect to them if you have ready data sources (MSSQL, API) or add new features to the Platform.

  • Email Builder: It is the view mode in which you develop e-mails such as order notification, report or password renewal that you want to send to the application users you have developed.

  • Configuration Manager: It is the view mode where you make the configuration settings to be used when generating the application as web or mobile application packages.

Kuika Low-code application development platform has an all-in-one interface architecture. As we listed above, it is equipped with all the features and functions you will need in the application development process, with the view modes you need for interface design, data sources, and distribution.

Design screens with drag-and-drop elements in the UI Design view

The UI Design view mode allows you to create the user interface of the application you are developing. The UI Design view mode has more than 80 drag-and-drop reusable elements that you can use in your application development process. Each element comes with features and styles to match its structure. You can edit element properties and styles according to your needs. You can review our related content to examine the elements and the properties of the elements in Kuika.

You can add new screen templates to the application with the Screens panel. You can start with a blank screen, or you can create CRUD type screens in seconds with the data table or Excel document you have prepared.

When creating a new app, it comes with default ready-to-use screens that can potentially be used in the app. These default screens are;

  • Home Page,

  • Forgot Password,

  • Reset Password,

  • Sign in,

  • Sign up,

  • Verification Code,

  • Left Menu.

Every screen in Kuika has Properties and Styles settings, just like elements. You can define the roles of the screens in your application in application (for example, the start page) and/or perform authorizations on a screen basis.

You can add System actions and Custom actions to the elements and screens in the workspace. System actions are actions offered by Kuika to speed up the application development process. You can access detailed information about system actions and functions from our related content.

In the application you developed, you can create special actions as well as system actions. You can create custom actions via the SQL editor in Datasources. You can also use the Custom Actions panel on the left side of the UI Design view to create custom actions. You can also access and add to the elements under the CUSTOM heading in the Actions list in the Properties panel. You can access detailed information about creating custom action in UI Design view mode from our related content.

Kuika attaches importance to user experience and provides convenience to the user in the application development process. One of these conveniences is the Item Tree panel in the UI Design view mode. The Item Tree panel lists the current screen and the elements on it in the tree structure (parent/child). Through this structure, you can easily control the components on the screens.

Another convenience that Kuika provides in the application development process is its multi-language structure. You can add language options to the application you developed with Kuika. Every application created in Kuika is in EN (USA) language by default. In addition, there are interfaces where you can add languages to Turkish, English, English (UK), French, German, Italian, Danish, and Czech. You can access detailed information about UI Design view mode from our related content.

Connect to data sources with the Datasources view, add and manage queries that you can use your data on screens with custom actions

Every application you create comes with ManagedDB hosted on Kuika local servers. Apart from this ready-made data source, you can add MSSQL and/or APIs and extend application functions with C#.

You can view and edit the datasources, custom actions, and data tables in the application you developed via the left menu in the Datasources view. You can also add a new data source, custom action, and data table. You can access detailed information about the Datasources view mode from our related content.

Design the notifications to be sent to the users of the application you developed with Email Builder with drag-and-drop

In order to send notifications to the users of the application you developed, you can use one of the dozens of templates in the Email Builder Template, and you can create a new template. You can access detailed information about Email Builder view mode from our related content.

Define the platform/device-based features that will be used while the application you developed with Configuration Manager is ready for release

You can quickly publish and preview an application you have developed in Kuika. To publish and preview the application you have developed, you need to make the necessary adjustments through Kuika Configuration Manager.

You can preview the application whenever you want from the first time you create the application with the definitions that come by default. You can configure Web, iOS, Android, and API Configuration via Configuration Manager view mode. In web applications, you can prepare only web, and in mobile-compatible applications, both web and Configurations for Android and iOS. You can access detailed information about the Configuration Manager view mode from our related content.

Run or Publish the app you developed in Kuika

With Kuika, you can quickly test the application you developed on the Web with Run settings, or you can publish it with the configuration you've created. You can perform the testing process either with the Run settings provided by Kuika or with your own configuration settings.

To test with Run, you can use the Run button located in the upper right corner of the Platform. To test and/or publish your application with the configuration settings you've prepared, you can use the Rocket icon available on the Platform.

How can I develop an application through Kuika in line with all this information? We have prepared a flow that you can use to answer the question. You can manage the process using this flow in the application development process.

If we briefly summarize a process;

  1. First, make the interface design of the application in the UI Design view mode.

  2. Then create the data sources via the Datasource view mode and connect the data sources you created to the interfaces you created in the UI view mode.

  3. Design the notifications you want in your application with Email Builder view mode.

  4. Finally, preview and publish your application by performing the configuration settings for your application via the Configuration Manager view mode on the web and/or mobile (iOS/Android). Checking the requirements of the Android and iOS markets you want to publish for mobile applications during the publishing process will make the process easier for you.

We are just a click away from you with Helpdesk

During the application development process, we are always with you with our Kuika team, partners, and stakeholders. When you need help, send a notification to our team within the platform. We listen to your requests for how-tos, bugs, or new features and provide full support with relevant team members.

You can contact us for more information about Kuika.

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