Action Tree

Action Tree, The panel hierarchically groups and lists all actions (system actions and custom actions) within its screen. It's possible to see the elements to which the actions are added under the actions within the list structure of this panel.

Thus, you can view the actions within your screen in a single panel.

You can access the Action Tree panel from the left bar in UI Design view mode.

For example, when you add the Add User To Role action to the Canvas by dragging and dropping, the Form structure and Inputs become active in the modal. The reason is that the User To Role action allows changing the role of the user within the application. You can't do this with a list screen, but you can with a form screen.

From the Layout Design area, select the one or two-column structure and click the CREATE button.

Afterward, you can view the Form structure you created in UI Design view mode.

To create a form structure using Process Automation system actions, you must have at least one Process Automation in the application you developed. In the Process you created, a Business Object structure must definitely be present. You can access detailed information about Process Automation and Business Object from our relevant content.

When you drag and drop the Process Automation actions onto the screen, no modal screen opens. It is automatically added to the screen in a certain standard.

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