Edit user permission (Permisson text) messages

If there are Bluetooth usage,Camera usage, Geolocation access, and Notification sending functions in the application you have developed, you must ask the end users of the application for these functions. At this point, you should explain in detail how and why these permissions will be obtained in the Permission Labels section of the configuration settings.

  • To fill in this information, click the drop-down menu next to the Permission Labels heading on the Web, iOS, and Android configuration screens with the Permission Labels heading.

  • Click ADD NEW in the menu that opens.

  • In the Modal screen, enter the permission title and content information.

The language options in your application will appear on this screen. You should prepare the permission content in accordance with the languages that the application has.

  • After entering the content of the permission in the relevant language for all the languages in your application, click the CREATE button to create the permission.

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