Learn panels

Kuika offers various panels to accelerate the application development process and enrich application content.

  1. The Elements Panel contains the elements used to enrich the application's content, design, and functionality.

  2. The Screens Panel allows you to create desired screens within the application.

  3. The Custom Actions Panel enables easy creation of SQL queries through manual input or with the assistance of artificial intelligence.

  4. The Action Tree panel hierarchically groups and lists all actions (system actions and custom actions) within its screen.

  5. The Item Tree Panel displays the parent-child hierarchy of elements within the application.

  6. The Language Panel allows you to use language families for your application to work in different languages.

  7. The Properties Panel shapes the properties of added screens and elements. Through this panel, you can make specific adjustments to elements and screens.

  8. The Styling Panel is where you can make style adjustments to your application.

You can obtain detailed information about the panels using the card structure below.

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