Error Panel

The error panel is the panel that is usually displayed at the bottom of the application screen when the application is run.Error messages come from the error panel on the platform as a result of incomplete or incorrect operations while developing applications on the platform with Kuika.Error messages are displayed with error codes. Information about where the error is and how to resolve it is included in the panel with instructions.

A bug panel is one of the tools used to facilitate the tracking and resolution of bugs encountered during the development of an application. This panel provides information to developers by displaying errors, warnings and informative messages that occur during the operation of the application. The error panel usually indicates which part of the code has an error, so developers can quickly identify the problem area. It also helps users to more effectively report problems they encounter within the application. Users can see the information in this dashboard when they encounter an error within the app, and can provide more specific and meaningful feedback to the developer, helping to resolve the issue.

If you want to examine what the error messages you may encounter within the Kuika platform mean, you can examine the card structure below.

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