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Check out the function of the Micro App element.

The Micro App element is a Container element offered to users by Kuika. The MicroApp element allows for opening a different project within the application.

Applications added to the Micro App element are run within a panel the size of the Micro App. It cannot be run across the entire screen. Different elements can also be added to the screen where the MicroApp element is added.

The Micro App element has two functions. The first is to add and run an application previously developed with Kuika within a different application you're working on in Kuika. The second function is to render and display an application made in Kuika within another system that the user already uses.

To get the render of an application made in Kuika, click the Run button to preview it. Then press F12 to open the Console in the Browser. Type kuika.getmodules in the Console. Copy the codes that come up in the console and paste them into a notepad. Save the notepad with a .html extension.

The Micro App element is only supported in Web applications.

Adding the Micro App Element:

Adding the Micro App element to your application is quite easy. Follow the steps below to add the Micro App element:

  1. In the UI Design view, open the Elements panel on the left side.

  2. In the Elements panel, select Micro App from the Container category.

  3. Drag and drop the Micro App element onto the screen.

  4. You can customize the Micro App element using the Properties panel.

Multiple projects cannot be displayed in the Micro App element at the same time.

Micro App Properties Panel

When the Micro App element is selected, the Properties panel on the right side opens where you can make settings related to the element's properties. The Properties panel comes with Project, Authorization, and Visibility areas.


In the Project section, there is a Selectbox listing projects within your Kuika account. Through this area, you can select the project you want to run within the Micro App.

After making the Micro App settings in the project, when you preview by clicking the Run button, the application you added in the Micro App will be displayed in a working manner.


You can use authorization options for the Micro App element.

Click here for a detailed examination of adding Authorization processes in elements.

Click here for a detailed examination of Authorization processes based on user roles or screen roles.


Visibility in elements is a feature used to control its visibility or accessibility in certain situations. This feature is often used in application design or functionality.

You can use visibility options to make the Micro App element always visible, hidden, or visible/hidden depending on a condition.

Click here for detailed information about adding Visibility to elements.

The visibility of the Micro App will be adjusted according to your selections.

The Micro App element does not have a Styling panel.

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