Mixed Chart

A Mixed Chart is a Chart element that combines different chart types or visualizations in an application development context.

The use of a Mixed Chart usually depends on the requirements of the application and user needs. These types of charts are often used in data-intensive applications or in various analysis scenarios. An application developer can use Mixed Charts to help users better understand and interact with specific data sets.

Add Mixed Chart

It is very easy to add the Mixed Chart element to your application. You need to follow the steps below to add the Mixed Chart element.

  1. In UI Design view, open the Elements panel on the left side.

  2. In the Elements panel, select Mixed Chart from the Chart category.

  3. Drag and drop the Mixed Chart element to the screen.

  4. You can customize the Mixed Chart element in the Properties panel.

Mixed Chart element supports mobile and web applications.

Mixed Chart Element Properties Panel

When the Mixed Chart element is selected, there are Line and Point insertion fields under the Mixed Chart category in the Properties panel. According to these Properties, Options, Authorization, and Visibility parameters are displayed in two of them. Line represents the chart lines, while Point represents the prominent points in the chart.

When a Line under the Mixed Chart category is selected, the properties panel comes with Options, Color, Label, Dashspacing, DashLenght, LineWidth, Authorization, and Visibility Properties.

When Point under the Mixed Chart category is selected, the Properties panel comes with Options, Color, Authorization, and Visibility properties.

You can give role-based authorizations to the element as well as set its visibility with show/hide/conditional options.


Used to specify general properties. You can connect an action to the chart with the Actions drop-down menu in Options. Also, data matching should be done according to the action added in this field. Data is displayed on the chart with the connected action.

In general, after the action connection is made, the following fields are displayed in the Options Property field:

1.1. Actions:

It is the Property where SQL actions are called in order to display the data desired to be presented in the chart.

1.2. X-Axis Field:

The x-axis is the horizontal axis in the chart. This property allows you to specify the data set to be displayed on the x-axis. It is used to determine how different chart types are positioned on the x-axis, especially in mixed charts. For example, you can use this property to control how a line chart and a bar chart are displayed on the same x-axis.

1.3.Axis Value Field

It allows you to specify the data set to be displayed on the vertical axis in the graph. It is the Property that specifies how many the value is.

Properties Panel of Line

1. Options:

1.1. Actions

It is the Property where SSQLql actions are called to display the data that is desired to be presented in the chart.

1.2. X-axis Value Field

The property where line values are entered.

1.3.Axis Value Field

The line is the Property where values are specified.

2. Color:

Determines the color of the line chart. Color is often used to clearly distinguish the line from other elements.

3. Label:

Adds a label that represents the line chart. This label is typically used to identify or describe a specific line in the chart.

4. Dash Spacing:

Determines the amount of space between dashed lines. It is used to customize the appearance of a line chart using dashed lines.

5. Dash Length:

Determines the length of the dashed lines. Can be used to highlight a particular trend or pattern by showing the line chart with a dashed pattern.

6. Line Width:

Determines the line thickness of the line chart. It is used to increase or decrease the prominence and emphasis of the line chart.

Point's Properties Panel

1. Options:


It is the property where the data action is called, which data will be displayed from the database in the form of points in the mixed chart.

1.2.X Axis Field

The property where point values are entered.

1.3. Axis Value Field

It is the Property where the description and values are specified in Point.

It is the property where the point color is determined in the Mixed chart.

You can use authorization options for the Mixed Chart element.

Click to examine in detail the process of adding Authorization in elements.

Elements also have "visibility," which allows you to edit their visibility or accessibility in a given state. This property is often used in application design or functionality.

For a Mixed Chart element, you can use the visibility options to make it always visible, hidden, or visible and hidden depending on a condition.

Click to learn more about adding Visibility to elements.

Mixed Chart Styling Panel

You can only edit the Layout of the Mixed Chart element from the Styling panel.

In the Mixed Chart element, you can make visual adjustments such as Padding and sizing with Layout.

The Mixed Chart element does not support Align and Display, and you can customize the style of the Mixed Chart element based on these properties.

Click to learn more about adding Layout to elements.

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