Gauge Chart

Check out the function of the Gauge Chart element.

It is under the Chart category.

Adding Gauge Chart

You can drag and drop the Gauge Chart element from the Elements panel to the screen. If you drag it to an empty area on the screen, it is added with the Row element. If you drag it into a Column, you just add a Gauge Chart element.

Gauge Chart supports web applications. It does not support mobile applications.

You can add text inside the Gauge Chart element. You can give role-based authorizations to the element as well as set its visibility with show/hide/conditional options.


Open the Max section of the Properties panel. Enter the maximum value you want to be displayed on the chart.


Open the Properties panel Value section. Enter the value you want to appear on the chart instantly.


Open the Properties panel Colors section. Choose the colors you want to use.


You can use the authorization options for the Gauge Chart element.


You can manage the visibility of the element. It is always visible or hidden, or you can make it appear or hide depending on a condition.


You can add the actions that you can add to the Gauge Chart element with Add Actions.

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