Welcome to the Kuika User Manual. Learn web and mobile application development with Low-code by getting to know the Kuika platform through the Kuika User Guide.
Kuika; It is a cloud-based all-in-one low-code platform that enables you to develop web and mobile applications with its low-code (low-code/less-code) infrastructure.
Kuika User Manual will enable you to develop applications with Kuika by transferring the functions of UI Design, Datasources, Email Builder, and Configuration Manager view modes.
In this Kuika user manual;
  • UI Design (Interface design with drag-and-drop elements)
  • Datasources (Adding and managing data sources to the application)
  • Email Builder (Notifications to be sent to users of the application you have developed)
  • Configuration Manager (Setting profiles to be used when generating the application you have developed as web, iOS, and Android)
definitions and usage methods of view modes are explained in detail.
You can also access basic concepts and training content for application development that you will need in an application development process.
It is enriched with supporting content such as Basic Concepts, Project analysis process, UI/UX design, SQL and Queries preparation.

Usage and content list of Kuika Manual

You can find the main headings of the user guide that will help you develop an application from scratch with Kuika from the list on the left. When using our user guide;
  • The content list and subheadings that appear on the left side on the web and open with the menu on mobile are listed in accordance with your application development process in Kuika.
  • You can search the manual's content with the search field in the upper right corner.
When you need help, you can use the Helpdesk view within the Platform.