Test the application with Run

You can test the web application you have developed with the ready-made Run configuration settings offered by Kuika.

The front-end and back-end are generated again in each Run operation.

In the first Run you will run in the application, several infrastructure installations are also made. Wait for the first run to complete.

Run remains alive for 3 days (72 hours) in the test environment. It is then deleted. This time starts again with each Run.

You can use the Run button in the Header of the interface to test the web application you have developed with the Run settings offered by default.

For testing with Run, open the application you want to test.Then click the Run button in the Header to perform the test.

When you click the Run button, your application comes with a Header in a new browser tab when previewed.

The Header contains an area where the workspace and the user name are displayed, as well as API URL and WEB URL buttons. You can hide the Header area with the Hide Bar option.

API URL is a URL used to access the programmable features of your developed application. When you click on the API URL button, the application generates a URL. This URL is the Swagger URL. You can run this URL on your browser.

WEB URL is the web link of the project being previewed. It is possible to share this link with other users.

Through the user command, the blocking action of Pop-up blocker programs during the preview process has been eliminated. You can click the WEB URL button to create and automatically copy the link, then run it in your browser, or share the application's preview with other users via WEB URL

All buttons related to Code Generation (Run, Run Settings, Publish, Run Settings Update) will be closed to access during the preview process.

If the Designer environment is refreshed, the project/workspace is changed, or login/logout is done in the designer environment, the open preview page is not refreshed, and the user is redirected back to the sign-in or projects page according to the user's authentication status.

If you want to refresh the Application Preview, since Code Generation is not working, the application is run directly on the user screen as if it has been refreshed with the latest link taken.

If you want, you can update the default Run settings according to your application needs.

Click the gear icon next to the Run button to update the Run settings. Then you can update the settings on the Run Settings screen that opens, and after the Update process, you can click the Update button to save the setting.

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