Testing with Appetize

You can test Android applications developed in Kuika with the Appetize platform. You must have an Appetize account for testing. Below is the flow for performing the testing process with Appetize. You can apply this flow to avoid any errors during the testing process.

  1. Configure Kuika Config Manager

  2. Test the Android application developed in Kuika with Appetize

1. Kuika Configuration Settings:

You can configure the applications you are developing in Kuika using the Configuration Manager view mode. You can also set the test and publishing settings of the applications you are developing in the Configuration Manager view mode in the configuration settings.

You can create a new configuration and/or edit an existing configuration to test the Android application you have developed in Appetize.

  • Open Android configuration settings from the configuration settings you just created and/or want to edit.

  • To test with Appetize, click the drop-down menu opposite Configuration under the Play Store Settings section in Android configuration settings.

You can review our related content on how to configure configuration settings.

  • Open the modal screen where the information entry is provided by clicking the ADD NEW option in the menu that opens.

  • In the modal screen, first enter the Play Store Connect API configuration setting name.

  • Then select Appetize from the drop-down menu next to the Publish Type heading.

  • With the Appetize selection, you must provide information entry for Appetize.

  • Appetize API Token information is required when Appetize is selected as the publishing type. If you prefer to use Appetize, log in to your Appetize account and get the Appetize API Token information and fill in the relevant field on the Google Play connect API setting modal screen in Kuika. You can follow the instruction provided by Appetize to open an Appetize account and access API Key information.

  • Then click the CREATE button to return to the previous screen. Click the SAVE/UPDATE button in the upper right corner to save the configuration.

You have completed the relevant settings in the Configuration Manager view mode. Now you can proceed to the next step.

2. Test the application developed in Kuika with Appetize

  • To test the Android application you developed with Kuika with Appetize, first click on the Rocket icon in the Header of the platform interface.

  • Select the configuration setting you want to use in the application via the drop-down menu in the Content Menu that opens.

  • Then select Android via the Radio Button next to the Android option.

  • Finally, click the PUBLISH button.

  • When you click on the Publish button, an Appetize test link will be sent to the e-mail address of the Kuika account you are developing the application with. Perform the test using the Appetize link sent to your e-mail address.

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