Host Settings

Host settings determine how a service or application will operate and interact with other devices. They include various features such as network connections, IP address configurations, domain name redirections, port numbers, and security settings. These settings define how the server connects to the network and how other devices communicate with the server.

For example, the host settings of a web hosting service provider can include information on how to route incoming requests to a specific server, which files to serve on that server, and other similar details.

Kuika provides Host settings configuration within the Configuration Manager view for users.

To configure Host settings, click on the Configuration Manager view from the Header.

In the opened screen, click on Web. Then, activate the Support Web UI Switch.

In the opened screen, under Host settings, you will find the Frontend URL Setting.

Frontend URL, Two different web applications, for example and applications, using slash to publish two different applications under a single URL, such as sub application logic or filing. Like, it is the /akademi.kuika part where the slash and the rest are taken in the URL.

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