AppStore Requirements

Before you publish a mobile application that you developed through Kuika on the AppStore, you should make sure that you meet some requirements.

AppStore requirements covered in this tutorial:

  1. Apple Developer Account

  2. Security Requirements

  3. Performance Requirements

  4. Business Requirements

  5. Design Requirements

  6. Legal Requirements

  7. Application Information Requirements

1. Apple Developer Account

To publish apps on the Apple App Store, you must have an Apple Developer Account.

2. Security Requirements

One of the most important points for Apple is security. You should make sure that an application you upload to the AppStore does not contain offensive content, does not harm users' devices, and does not cause physical harm to the user. Apple evaluates security requirements under 7 headings. While developing your app, don't forget to progress according to the 7 headings below.

  1. Objectionable Content: The application you develop must not contain disturbing, offensive, insensitive, sad, disgusting, or frightening content.

  2. User-Generated Content: Applications with a user-generated mechanism should have a mechanism that prevents objectionable content from being sent to the application and blocks malicious users from the service. However, users should have the option to report offensive content. In addition, users must have contact information in order to contact you.

  3. Child Category: When developing an app for kids, you should make sure it doesn't contain external links, purchase options, third-party analytics, and third-party ads.

  4. Physical Damage: You should make sure that the application you develop does not harm the physical integrity of the users. Your app should not contain false medical data, or content that promotes the consumption of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco.

  5. Developer Information: The application you develop must have a support link for users to contact you. You should make sure that the contact information in the support link is correct and up to date.

  6. Data security: In the application you have developed, you must securely collect and store the personal data you collect from the user. You must prevent disclosure, unauthorized use, and access by third parties of data.

  7. Reporting Criminal Activities: Any practice you develop to report criminal activity should involve local law enforcement.

3.Performance Requirements

An application that you will upload to the AppStore must have performance requirements. Apple evaluates performance requirements according to 5 criteria. While developing your application, you must proceed according to the following 5 criteria.

  1. Your application must be complete, complete and tested.

  2. In order not to mislead the user, you should make sure that all metadata for the app, including privacy information, app descriptions, screenshots, and previews, are correct and up-to-date.

  3. You should make sure that the application you develop is suitable for devices with iOS operating system, does not harm the devices and uses battery consumption efficiently.

  4. The application you develop must comply with the software requirements set by Apple.

4. Business Requirements

Apple gives importance to the work included in the application you develop. In this context, it expects the fulfillment of some requirements from the developer. These requirements are:

  1. AppStore takes into account the business model of an application you will upload. When uploading the app to the AppStore, don't forget to describe the business model in the metadata.

  2. If there is a pricing in your application, you should not overdo the pricing and define reasonable values.

  3. You must not manipulate user reviews on the Appstore.

  4. If there is a payment structure in the application you have developed, you should configure this payment structure in accordance with the payment structures specified by Apple.

5. Design Requirements

The App Store wants Apple users to consider the design choice of simple, elegant, innovative and practical use by the developers. This has some minimum requirements that the App Store expects from developers. These requirements are set out below.

  1. The application you have developed for uploading to the App Store must not imitate another application, and must not contain the design of another application on a small or large scale as a copy.

  2. With the application you developed, you should offer functionality in the long run. A repackaged website, an animation or an e-book is not accepted by the App Store.

  3. You should not create multiple bundle IDs for the same app and avoid developing apps into a content-saturated category. Otherwise, the App Store may detect the app as spam and remove it from the store.

  4. If the application you are developing has extensions, you must follow the extension instructions.

  5. The application icon must be original and consistent with the system specifications. Adaptive app icons should have an option to revert to original.

  6. If the application contains HTML5, Bot and similar content, you must meet the requirements specified by Apple.

  7. The app should have a Sign in with Apple option.

The application you develop must comply with legal requirements wherever it is distributed. Applications that do not comply with the law are rejected. In this context, the legal requirements are stated below.

  1. Practices that lead to human trafficking and exploitation of children will be identified and law enforcement will be informed.

  2. The app must comply with the privacy protection policies offered by Apple.

  3. There should be a link to the app's privacy policies within the app.

  4. You should inform users about what data you collect, how you collect data, and data usage.

  5. You must explain your data retention and deletion policies.

  6. To collect data, you must obtain permission and consent from the user.

  7. You should only collect data about the core functionality of the application and not force the user to access data.

  8. You cannot share user data without user consent.

  9. Health data and medical data are sensitive. There are additional requirements to protect user privacy.

  10. You should pay attention to the policies offered by Apple for an app for children.

  11. You should only use the location services included in the application for application functions.

  12. You should be careful that the content in the application is the content you create yourself or the content that has a usage license. Your application will be rejected for intellectual property infringement.

  13. The publication of an application for gambling and gambling is only possible under the legal framework in the country in which it will be published.

  14. As a developer, you should pay attention to your behavior in user relations and communication.

7. Application Information Requirements

The product page requirements for uploading the mobile application you have developed to the App Store are listed below.

  1. The application must have a name of 2-30 characters.

  2. The application must contain a subtitle of maximum 30 characters.

  3. The product page must contain a maximum of 30 seconds of the application preview video.

  4. The application must have a 1024 Pixel x 1024 Pixel application icon.

  5. The product page must contain screenshots of the size specified by Apple from within the application.

  6. The product page should contain a brief and informative description presenting the app's features and functions.

  7. The product page must contain a maximum of 170 characters long promotional text for the promotion of the application.

  8. Keywords with a maximum of 100 characters should be determined for the application.

  9. A maximum of 20 in-app purchases and subscription items can be listed on the product page.

  10. Primary and secondary categories should be determined for the application.

  11. If there is a need for localization for the application, necessary localization procedures should be done.

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