v3.4.1 Release Note (7th August 2023)

New Features

  • Process Automation view mode has been added, allowing you to prepare Process Automations within your developed application.

  • NavigateToTask action is now supported in iOS applications.


  • Background Caching is now enabled when the project is first opened.

  • The DownloadFile action now ensures that Excel files are downloaded with the .xlsx file extension.

  • When dragging and dropping Label and Button elements onto the screen, the Value field now automatically opens, making data entry easier.

  • Improvements have been made to the user experience during the process of dragging and dropping elements in UI Design view mode.

  • The user experience in the Settings screen of Kuika Workspace has been enhanced.

  • Updates have been made to the Subscription Plans available on the platform.

  • The iOS AlertToast library has been updated.

  • The LocationPicker element now accepts Latitude and Longitude values as Decimal data type.

  • Improvements have been made to the Label icon for a better user experience.

  • The default Footer section in Report Designer has been removed.


  • Issue with iOS app testing on Appetize has been fixed.

  • Problem preventing the compilation of Android apps due to Resource file issues has been resolved.

  • Issue with the Close button after adding an action has been fixed.

  • Problem with users without passwords in the Generated App Backend not being able to log in has been resolved.

  • Issue with the width value not changing in the Drawer has been fixed.

  • Problem with the ordering of actions has been resolved.

  • iOS app issue with the Number Input element has been fixed.

  • Issues related to Fixed Value in expanded or narrowed actions have been resolved.

  • Android app problem with the content of Notify messages not appearing has been fixed.

  • Issue with the mandatory requirement of filling the Signature element in iOS apps has been resolved.

  • Problem with the content of Notify messages not fitting the screen in iOS apps has been fixed.

  • Issues with the GoBack action after PasswordChange action in iOS and Android apps have been resolved.

  • Issue with the Footer encountered during previewing has been fixed.

  • Errors in the KLog system table have been resolved.

  • Stripe integration used in iOS app has been adjusted to be consistent with the app's language selection.

  • Issue in the Config Manager view where leaving App Icon blank caused the app not to work has been fixed.

  • Problems with actions and Screen Input in CRUD screens have been fixed.

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