Deeplink Setting

Through Deeplink, you can adjust the settings for the notifications definitions that enable you to reach the targeted content directly in the application you have developed.

  • In order to make the Deeplink Setting settings, first open the Config Manager view mode via Header in the application you developed.

  • Click the Create button on the screen that opens.

  • Then you can use the Default configuration created by default in the drop-down menu opposite Configuration under the Deeplink Setting section in the App Settings configuration settings, or you can create a new configuration.

  • Click Add New to create a new configuration.

  • On the Modal screen that opens, first name the Deeplink Setting set. Then define the associated domain information for the Deeplink setting in the field opposite the Associated Domain header.

  • Finally, define the associated subdomain information for Deeplink in the field opposite the Associated Sub Domain heading and click the CREATE button on the modal screen.

With these operations, you have completed the Deeplink settings.

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