With Kuika, you can add different languages to your applications with the Language panel.

Kuika platform has provided the Language panel and Multi-Language service on the platform to localize or globalize the application you will develop.

You can present an application you have developed in Kuika in a multilingual way with German, Turkish, English, Czech, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch, Danish, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch.

You can add new language options to your application with the Language panel.

If you want the added Language to be the default, click the three dots next to the language you added and select Set as default.

Accordingly, the default language will be changed from English to French.


If you want the added Language to be translated, click the three dots next to the language you added and select Translate.

In the translate process, the labels on the form screens are read and an automatic table is created with that data. You can manually enter data into the created table. However, it should be noted that both columns in the table must be filled in. If the value is Null, the data is displayed.

If you do not want the user to have to deal with the language selection in the application again and again, with the OnClick > MultiLanguage > SelectLanguage system action, the user will be able to select the language with the selectbox that will appear in front of him when he logs in to the application. At the end of the Language selection, it will be matched with the user. This language selection is also within the scope of languages added to the application.

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