Sequencing of Actions

Learn Sequencing of System actions in Kuika!

You can add multiple actions to a screen and/or element while developing applications with Kuika. The order of the actions is important for more than one action you add.

This training content consists of the following title:

  1. Sequencing and Sequencing Process in Actions:

1. Sequencing and Sequencing Process in Actions:

Sequencing is important in actions. The operation logic of the actions added to the screens and/or elements during the application development process in Kuika is based on a linear sequence.

Add to a screen and/or element are listed in the order they were added (from first to last added) in the Actions panel under Properties. The working logic of more than one action that you add for the application you have developed is from the first added action to the last added action.

So the first added action will run first; Actions added later will run in linear order.

Since the actions run in the order they are added, one of the return values of the previous action can also be used as a parameter value for the next action.

Let's go through the actions added on an example Add Personnel page. There is a Save button on the staffing screen.

When the Save button is clicked, the personnel should be added first, then the notification that the person has been added will be received and the Personnel listing screen will be returned.

To ensure this process flow, 3 different actions should be used, and the working order of 3 different actions:

  1. Special action SaveSatff that allows adding staff. For detailed information about Special Actions, you can review our related content.

  2. Notify action for notification

  3. GoBack action to return to the Staff Listing screen

should be in the form.

You can later change the order of actions you add to a screen and/or element. Let's proceed with the example action panel given above. Action panel under the Properties of the relevant screen and/or element.

Action panel, you can see that the actions you have added are listed in the order you added them.

Drag and drop the action you want to change the order of while holding it down with the mouse.

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