In the mobile and web applications you have developed with Kuika, you can use the LDAP option, which is a security and user authentication system, to control your users defined in your Active Directory Windows server while logging into the application.

In this training content;

The context of adding LDAP as an authentication provider will be explained.

1. Adding LDAP as Authentication Provider

To add LDAP as an authentication provider, go to the App Settings configuration screen in Configuration Manager view mode.

Click the drop-down menu opposite Authentication Provider under the Authentication & Authorization tab. Click ADD NEW in the drop-down menu.

On the pop-up screen titled Authentication Provider Setting, select LDAP as the authentication provider type.

You must add the configuration name in the Name field and the Active directory server IP Address in the Ip Address field. For the Username and Password fields, enter the username and password of a user who has the role of admin in Active Directory and click the CREATE button.

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