Work with interface styles

Change the styles of elements and screens using the Styling panel.

In the applications you develop with the Styling panel, you can make style adjustments to the workspace and every element added to it.

For example, you can change the Canvas color. You can highlight or remove the border structure of the added elements. You can make changes to the radius values of the border structure. In addition, you can choose the text styles and fonts with the text in the element, give the Spacing with the layout; you can arrange the fill color with the fill as you wish. You can give shading to elements with shadow.

In the Styling panel, besides the predefined styles, you can create your own styles and use them on the elements. Apart from the example given above, you can make many different styles. You can customize your mobile or web applications while developing them. In the styling panel, you can make edits such as layout, text, fill, color, border, shadow. You can learn about these regulations in detail from the card structure below.

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