Get to know the workspace

Explore the workspace Kuika offers for your application development.

Kuika is a platform that allows you to develop and manage applications.

When you create an account on the Kuika Low-code Platform, you will have a defined workspace for your account.

With Workspace;

  • With the Apps screen, you can list and manage web and mobile applications created by you and the users you invite to your workspace. You can switch to the development screens by opening the applications listed on this screen.

  • The Settings screen consists of Users, Subscription, and Billing screens.

    • You can invite users to the workspace with the Users screen. The subscription package you bought for your account must be purchased repeatedly for each user.

    • With Subscription, you can manage your Platform subscription. You can lower your current subscription package with sub-packages and upgrade it with upper packages.

    • It is the screen where the invoices of the subscription packages you have purchased are listed with the Billing screen. You can view, print or download your invoices to your device.

If there are different Workspaces shared with you, you can switch to the corresponding Workspace from the area in the upper left corner of the Apps or Settings screens.

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