Invers CloudBoxx

Kuika allows quick and easy integration with different platforms. One of these platforms is Invers Cloudboxx.

With the use of the application you have developed for cars, motorcycles and/or any transportation vehicles, Invers Cloudbox allows actions such as making users' personal vehicles available to others when they wish, renting others' vehicles, checking the fuel status of the vehicle. In order to provide Invers Integration to the application you developed on Kuika, first create an account on and determine the content you will add to Kuika through the account you created. You can include the content in the application by creating actions.

Then, to provide Invers integration in Kuika;

  • first, open the Config Manager view mode

  • Then click Add New in the drop-down menu opposite Configuration under the Invers Cloudboxx section on the App Settings screen.

  • On the Modal screen that opens, first name the Invers Cloudboxx setting.

  • Then enter the Invers Base API URL in the field opposite the API Base Url header.

  • Finally, define the API key information for Invers CloudBoxx integration in the field opposite the API Key header and click the CREATE button on the modal screen.

Here you are ready!

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