v3.4.6 Release Notes (13th November 2023 )

New Features

UI Design

  • The Mixed Chart element was added under Chart elements.

  • The Radial Chart element was added under Chart elements.

  • Inline editing feature has been added to Table element.

  • Arithmetic system action category was added for performing basic mathematical operations.

  • StringOperations category has been added under System actions.

  • The stopWatch element was added under DateTime elements for stopwatch functionality.

  • Spanish language support was added for developed applications.


  • Bluetooth feature added for connecting with Bluetooth devices.

Process Automation


UI Design

  • Enhanced responsive view of the Table element.

  • Added white color to the template colors in the Color Palette.

  • Improved Styling of the Checkbox element.

  • Enhanced user experience of the search box in panels on the left side.

  • New Dashboard screen template options added for web applications.

  • OpenInBrowser action enabled protocol-less web access in mobile applications.

  • Improved user experience in the Master Screens area of the Screens panel.

  • Enhanced column display in Table element with numerous columns.

  • Added a feature to hide collapsed areas in the Menu element.

  • Improved appearance of icons in collapsed Menu element.

  • Removed Left Menu role from screen roles.

  • Default Mode property set to Alternate when Timeline element is added.

  • Protocol-free web access was provided with OpenInBrowser action in mobile applications.

  • Improved appearance of Rate, Checkbox, and RangeSlider elements in Android applications.

System Actions

  • Enabled information message in ManageDB actions when the user doesn't create a data table.


  • SQL editor now calculates the type of SQL parameters as the action is written.

Process Automation

Email Builder

Configuration Manager

  • iOS configuration setting screen now uses the application name instead of the project name in the Bundle ID.


UI Design

  • Fixed Styling issue with multiple Chart elements on the same screen.

  • Ensured the Options area in the Properties panel of the Menu element is hidden when static selection is made.

  • Resolved CMD+S and CTRL+S issues in saving projects.

  • Fixed empty space issue in Signature element in web applications.

  • Resolved scrolling issue in Modal screens.

  • Fixed visibility issue with Notify action in MicroApp.

  • Resolved alignment issue when Size is added to the Label element.

  • Fixed disappearance issue when changing Pagesize in the Pagination element.

  • Resolved selection issue with Thumbnail element.

  • Fixed alignment problems in iOS applications.

  • Resolved issue with Switch not working on Current Page screens in iOS applications.

  • Fixed focusing issue on current location when clicking Marker in Maps element in iOS applications.

  • Resolved sliding issue in full-screen view of Maps element in iOS applications.

  • Fixed alignment issue with CheckBox and Label elements within Horizontal Stack in iOS applications.

  • Corrected design differences in the Authentication User Template Screen in mobile applications.

  • Resolved visibility issue of Checkbox element when screen color is white in mobile applications.

  • Fixed-size issue with CheckBox in Block view in Android applications.

  • Resolved Fill inconsistency in Style of Panel element in Web and Mobile.

System Actions

  • Fixed an issue where the ChangeVisibilityOf action didn't work in the Table element column in Android applications.


  • Rest API now accepts numeric values in parameter names.

  • Resolved data binding issue caused by all fields returned from an action written in SQL Action being in uppercase.

  • Fixed issue of new Class in C# overwriting references of previous Classes.

CRUD Screens

  • Fixed the issue where the GoBack action didn't work after the Save action in mobile applications.

  • Resolved incompatibility issue between Pagination and Search Bar in list screens.

Process Automation

  • Fixed issue with the GetMyTasks action showing completed tasks.

  • Resolved issue with non-functioning links in confirmation emails.

Report Designer

  • Resolved issue with space occupied by elements used outside the panel in Report Designer.

  • Fixed problem encountered when adding Label to report design.

  • The resolved sliding issue with Label added after Table.

  • Fixed the issue of data not appearing in the generated report when Text Style is applied to Labels in Table.

  • Resolved alignment issue in a Table element.

  • Fixed issue with screen names not appearing in BreadCrumb.

Scheduled Jobs

  • Disabled differentiation between web and mobile in system actions in Scheduled Jobs.

  • Removed ReportInput from action parameters.

Platform and Platform Interface

  • Removed the “Are you sure you want to logout?” message on the password reset screen.

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