Learn Stripe transactions on Kuika.

With the Kuika Low-code platform, you can add Stripe, an international payment infrastructure service, to your web/tablet/phone applications with a few clicks.

There are 2 important flows in Stripe integration.

  1. Creating and activating a Stripe account

  2. Kuika is also connecting to the application you have developed and using it in in-app functions.

What is Stripe?

It is an infrastructure that allows you to receive payments by debit or credit cards by creating payment pages or special payment links in web and mobile applications. The company, based in America, is used in many countries in America, Europe and Asia.

Stripe offers many different sub-products such as online collection, taxation and invoicing. It also has a service called Atlas, which enables remote company establishment in the state of Delaware/USA.

Creating and confirming a Stripe account

Check the list of countries where Stripe is available before you start creating an account. If the country you are in or want to do business is not listed, form a company by remote application (such as Delaware, Wyoming) in one of the accepting states. For remotely opened companies (with Stripe Atlas service or by applying directly to the state), you must also obtain a bank account with Mercury Bank if you are not a US citizen. If you are a US citizen or a person with a work permit, an account in a US local bank will suffice. In countries where Stripe is open, it will be sufficient to add your bank account in the relevant country.

Start by creating a new account on the Stripe website. Once you open your account, you can explore Stripe capabilities in Test mode.

In the activation process of your account;

  • Your identity information and image

  • Your company information and incorporation certificate

  • Your bank account information

You apply for an active account with such information. Stripe will activate your account after the reviews.

Integration into Kuika and Stripe Actions

You can make different Stripe integrations for each of the applications you develop in Kuika (Web/tablet/phone).

After logging into your Stripe account, open the ApiKeys screen.

We will be using the Tokens under the Standard keys heading on the APIKeys screen.

Open the Config Manager screen in Kuika. Create a new web/iOS/Android configuration. Open the information entry pop-up with the New button under Payment Methods in the relevant Config settings.

Add the Name, Publish Key, Secret Key, and Webhook Secret fields on the Stripe page with a paste-to-cove.

You can add the specially developed System Actions > Stripe actions to use Stripe payment transactions within the application you have prepared in Kuika. You can see how to use Stripe actions here.

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