Check out the functionality of the pagination element.

It is the element to which the number of content per page of the data displayed by Data Repeater elements such as Table, GalleryView and the buttons in pagination/page transitions are added.

Adding Pagination

You can add the Pagination element from the Elements panel by dragging and dropping it to the screen. If you drag it to an empty area on the screen, it is added with the Row element. If you drag it into a Column you just add the Pagination element.

Pagination supports both web and mobile applications

Pagination is used in addition to a different Data Repeater element. It is mostly attached to the Table and HorizontalGrid elements. You can give role-based authorizations to the element as well as set its visibility with show/hide/conditional options.


Here you can determine how many content there are in total with a static value. A value to be displayed per page and the number of pages here will also vary.

Page Size

You can set the number of content to be displayed per page static/dynamic.


You can specify the page number that will be displayed on screen startup.

Show Less Items

It can be ensured that fewer numbers are displayed in the counter numerators.

Show Quick Jumper

You can show the area that provides a quick transition to a page.

Show Size Changer

You can make visible the area that allows the end user to change the number of content to be displayed on a page basis.

Selected Border Color

You can change the displayed page number frame color.

Show First Page Button

You can make the first screen button visible, which will allow you to switch to the first page regardless of the number of pages you are on.

Show Last Page Button

You can make the last screen button visible, which will allow you to switch to the first page regardless of the number of pages you are on.

Show Numbers

You can hide page numbers. You can only display the next/previous buttons.

Show Text

You can display the Previous and Next labels.


You can use the authorization options for the pagination element.


You can manage the visibility of the element. It can be always visible or hidden, or you can make it appear or hide depending on a condition.


You can add the actions to the Pagination element with Add Actions.

You can make additional edits to the Pagination element by adding a layout, text, fill, border, or shadow.


You can make visual adjustments such as environmental interior spaces and sizing. Depending on the pagination size, you can align the elements in it.


You can set the color and size of the pagination text and icon with the Text section.

You can add color or image to the pagination body.


You can add lines and corner bevels to the outer edges of the pagination.


You can add a shadow effect to the pagination element.

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