Create custom actions with SQL Editor in Datasources mode

Creating Custom Actions with SQL Editor in Datasources view mode.

You can create Custom Actions in an application you developed with Kuika, and use the actions you create on the screens.

1. Creating Custom Actions Using SQL Editor

Datasources view mode to create a custom action for an application you developed with Kuika.

Datasources, actions and tables in the application you developed through the left menu in the Datasources view mode, and you can add a new datasource, a new action, and a new table.

Actions sub-panel to add a new custom action. Click the + icon next to the Actions sub-panel.

New SQL Action or New Folder via the drop-down menu. If you want to create a new Custom Action under the Actions sub-panel, click New Custom Action. If you want to create Custom Action under a new file, click New Folder and create your file by naming it. Hover over the file you created with the cursor. Click the + icon next to the file. Click New SQL Action from the drop-down menu.

As part of an example scenario, let's create an action that allows the departments in a staff list to be listed. Before creating this action, you must create a table named Department. You can examine our related content in detail for table creation processes.

You are expected to list the departments in the application on the department listing screen. For this, create a custom action named SelectDepartmentList.

A SQL Editor will welcome you on the screen that opens. Write the SQL query required for listing in SQL Editor.

Kuika provides you with some convenience in adding queries. This convenience creates automatic queries specific to tables on the query insertion screen.

To add a table-specific query automatically, hover over the tables in the left menu on the query add screen with the cursor. Click on the three dots next to the table. Kuika allows you to automatically add and modify Select, Update and Delete queries.

You can use the following query to list departments with the SelectDepartmentList custom action.

select * from Department  
WHERE DepartmentName 
LIKE @searchFor  OR @searchFor is null OR @searchFor = ''  ORDER BY DepartmentName 

Can test your query via the TEST button in the upper right corner, and create the custom action by clicking the CREATE button.

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