Payment Intent Status

Payment Intent Status is an action used to determine the status of a payment transaction. This action is typically used by payment gateways or payment processing service providers where the payment transaction process is managed. Payment Intent Status indicates whether the transaction was successfully completed or if any issues were encountered.

For the Payment Intent Status system action to be executed successfully, one of the Setup Intent or Open Stripe Payment Drawer system actions needs to be created.

The primary actions of Payment Intent Status are:

  • Creation (Created): The payment request was successfully created but has not yet been processed or approved.

  • Initiation (Initiated): The payment transaction was initiated, but it has not been completed yet.

  • Successful (Succeeded): The payment transaction was successfully completed, and the payment amount was transferred to the recipient.

  • Failed (Failed): The payment transaction failed, and the payment amount was not transferred to the recipient. This can occur when the payment card is declined or another issue arises.

  • Cancelled (Canceled): The payment transaction was canceled. It can be canceled by the user, the recipient, or it can be automatically canceled.

  • Refunded (Refunded): The payment was subsequently refunded, and the payment amount was returned to the user.

A specific action of Payment Intent Status aims to provide information about the payment transaction, track the transaction, or intervene when necessary. During payment transactions, these statuses are important to monitor whether the payment transaction is successfully concluded and to provide information to the customer or the person managing the transaction when necessary.

To add the Payment Intent Status system action, select the element where the action will be added. Click on +Add Action located under the Properties panel. (A)

Click OnClick→ Payment→ Stripe→Payment Intent Status and create the Payment Intent Status action. (A)

The created Payment Intent Status action comes with the payment intent parameter.

  • Payment Intent: A parameter that contains the details and management of the payment transaction.

Within the created action, Symbol Picker (B) is used to select the parameter input method for the action.

You can perform various operations on the Context menu (C) for the actions you create.

You can easily copy the action with the Copy option. This way, you gain speed where action repetition is required.

You can add a confirmation message for the action to run using the Add Confirmation option.

Also, with the Add Condition feature, you can specify certain conditions under which the added action should execute.

You can easily delete the action created with the Remove option.

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