05. Learn Data Types

When you want to save data, you need data types and form screens. When designing form screens, the data you want to save may have some restrictions. For example, a phone number field only accepts numeric data, while an email field requires @ and periods. When we want to record the date of birth of a person, we usually only consider the day, month and year, while the hour and minute for the departure time of the bus ticket are also included.

To manage such constraints of data to be used when developing an application, data is mapped to data types.

These Kuika-specific data types are important for creating forms with a better user experience. All elements are prepared in accordance with data types. Choosing the right element for the relevant data type speeds up the development process and improves the user experience.

For example, you can take as an example the operations where a numeric keypad is opened for a field where a phone number is entered, a keyboard consisting of only lowercase letters is opened for an email field, and the data entered in this way is saved.

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