Get help with Helpdesk

During the application development process, we, at Kuika, are always by your side. Whenever you need assistance, you can create support requests using the Helpdesk view mode available within the platform. We listen to your requests on topics like How to do?, Error, or New features, and provide full support by collaborating with relevant team members.

To benefit from Helpdesk support, please check the support quota provided by your subscription plan.

To create a support request through Helpdesk, follow these steps within the platform:

  1. Click on Helpdesk in the Header section.

  2. On the opened screen, click on the + icon from the left panel to create a new support request.

  3. In the support request you create, write the subject and details of your help message.

  4. If you have visual materials related to the topic you need assistance with, add them to the Drag and Drop image area.

  5. Click the Send button to create the support request.

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